Faster, Cheaper Document Translat

In the modern digital world, speed and quality in supplying service translate into improved business. Another obvious benefit is reduced prices that may have a ripple effect from providers into the end-users. With internet OCR, your demands in quality and speed are served.

With this แปลเอกสาร service, you can have your record conversions processed quickly  without forfeiting the high product quality whilst maintaining the business volume equally as large. The invention is ideal for such specialties as eDiscovery, Litigation Support and company environments.

Picture to Text

Online document conversions may transpose any picture (JPG, TIF, BMP, PCX, DCX, PNG) or people in PDF format into some of the more prevalent and conventional text-based file types. These include DOC, TXT, XLS, RTF, XML, CSV, RTF, PPT, and HTML forms, all with complete Unicode support.

The program also has the built in auto-language detection and assistance of over 200 languages including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Hebrew and Latin and Cyrillic-based languages. This significant parameter (language setting) is a very important key to successful OCR conversions.

The other features include automatic spinning detection, barcode recognition, support of various fonts, and improved error-handling among other people. Assessing the OCR may also raise number of resources (digital cameras, scans, etc.) for example optimization in accordance with your particular requirements.


There are lots of ways to distribute the raw data to be transformed. The pictures can be obtained and delivered back through email, FTP or via Internet API. Emails use default settings and just in English. (You can subscribe to some free API Development and Testing Account for protracted OCR choices, added languages and other output formats.)

Online OCR via FTP is suited for little and medium-sized packages where the information workflow is handy and productive. On the other hand, the most effective one of the automatic ways is via the online API. It’s where application programmers have been given access through a free trial and accessible production subscriptions.